About Us

CarbonOne Hockey has one goal in mind - make an elite performing stick that is affordable. Nowadays if you want a prostock level 100% carbon fiber hockey stick you pay $300, which is ridiculous.

My name is Blake and I started CarbonOne Hockey with my brother, Derek. Growing up outside of Chicago, we came from a family that all played hockey and have both played the game since we were kids. It is our passion and love for the game of hockey that led us to start this company.

After the shift from wood sticks to composite/carbon fiber, the price has increased exponentially and now if a player wants to use a top of the line stick they have to break the bank to make it happen. That's where CarbonOne Hockey comes in.

With us, you can get a true one-piece, 100% carbon fiber stick produced in the same factories as the "big name brands". Our sticks go through the same extensive quality control and then another thorough inspection by us before you receive it to ensure you get what you pay for. Each stick comes with a 30-day warranty. You can customize your stick to your specifications and add your custom nameplate too!

If you have any questions or want to learn more about us, feel free to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or sauce us an email at carbononehockey@gmail.com! We look forward to helping you wheel, snipe, and celly while looking good!