Intermediate Grip Stick

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An elite performing hockey stick at an affordable price. 100% of the highest quality carbon fiber in a true one-piece construction for best feel and play. A hybrid low kick point for the all around player - accurate and dynamic allowing you to get a shot off quick without sacrificing power. The CarbonOne Hockey stick utilizes an engineered polymerizing foam core blade. It offers a lightweight construction with a stiffer response through a specialized, proprietary development process allowing weight reduction while maintaining structural integrity. Customize the stick to your desired specifications - with over 100 different options, make it your own.
  • 100% 3K woven carbon fiber
  • True one-piece construction
  • Polymerizing foam blade core
  • Hybrid Low Kickpoint
  • 405 grams
  • Custom name/number plate
  • 30-day Warranty
  • 57" buttend to heel (full length)




*For any custom stick orders delivery time is approximately 8-12 weeks.